New beginning

To start being a self employed person was an exciting yet daunting prospect. I wanted to hit the ground running, and running fast. I had so much to do in early October: building this website, beefing up my portfolio, shaping paddle boards, meeting potential photography clients, getting my aunt a birthday present… the list goes on. In the midst of it all was the opportunity to go spend a week on Round Island, a restricted reserve in the North of Mauritius, with two friends and basically help carry film equipment while they shot their documentary: Mystic Mauritius.

Could I afford to go there? Knowing that we’d be leaving on a Thursday, with meetings beforehand to prepare ourselves and our gear, this whole thing would swallow up 2 weeks, meaning half a month of lost productivity. I would also have to chip in for food of course, plus some additional contribution if possible (possible indeed at that point). With this seemingly difficult decision yet to make, I stumble on an astrology article mentioning the need to let ourselves be guided by the heart rather than the fear of insecurity. It asked the poignant question (paraphrasing): “have you lived your life reacting to external factors affecting it, or have you driven it based on your own projects?”. An ambiguous question for me since I was indeed starting to do my own thing, but I was still behaving in reaction mode due a perception of need – to be instantly “successful” and therefore needing to chase work and make it happen. I had been in a stressful job with a demanding client and many people under me since the beginning of the year and this reflection made me realize that I was not letting myself cool down and recover from it. Anyhow, without sharing too much of my Spiritual/Mental/Physical processes here, I can simply say that these insights and opportunity came at the right time. I did go and the island was just otherworldly.

It was made of a sort of limestone and volcanic ash, carved in fluid curves by centuries of rain, wind and waves, littered with sea birds nesting on the very ground, so much that you’d walk on eggs if you were not careful. In a few words, we slept on four bunks in the wooden field station, had lizards lick our dirty dishes (for a very short time before we washed them), climbed up to the summit twice a day on average, explored and chased wildlife all day and were welcomed back at dusk by the smell of food, generously cooked for us by the island wardens. The boat trips there and back were a bit shaky, but the Ocean reminded how vast and free nature is and how small and confined our worries are…

Check out the ‘film’ section under the ‘portfolio’ tab above for some behind the scenes images, and watch out for the release of Mystic Mauritius in the coming months. You won’t want to miss it.

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