Redbull King of the Air 2016

Flashback to February at the Redbull King of the Air in Cape Town, South Africa. At the beginning of my trip I wasn’t aware of the event until posters appeared throughout the city and just looking through the website now, I see that even Robby Naish was present! Talk about an unexpected opportunity. Of course I freed up a day for shooting and other than phose posted to Instagram, my photos have been stored away in a USB drive since. Here’s a small selection and story of the vibe at the event.

I could only spend a day and for the entire morning, organisers were waiting for strong wind to kick in so riders would have maximum power to launch into jumps. I still remember the voice of the British commentator, explaining to the public through massive speakers, that this contest was not just about height but also audacity and extreme moves. The best riders in the world were present, some of whom were wearing knee braces or other bands and straps but of course they were not holding back at all.

At around 1pm the wind announced itself through the iconing “table cloth”, a thick cloud wrapping Table Mountain when the seabreeze starts to blow. From that point the contest was on: riders going as high, fast, and long as they could in the air while flipping, twisting, looping… you name it! Lots of people on the beach, many, many photographers everywhere, some sand in your face and a pretty good sunburn if you didn’t prepare for it. I’ll let the pictures do the talking and you can view the official 2015 gallery here as well for more.

The winner this year was Aaron Hadlow, holding his title of Kind from 2015. A day well spent for sure, even if not taking advantage of the conditions to be in the water somewhere but I did go kitesurfing at Langebaan a few days later thanks to my awesome hosts Marleen and Robert.

For something completely different they (Marleen and Robert) are currently traveling South America and have amazing pictures and stories here so check’em out! As for me I’ll see you later for some ropework stories…

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