Mary Pierce IOS

I was going to make a post about multiple events, but I have so many great photographs of this one that it is well worth a post of its own. I had the chance to be called for a tournament of the Mary Pierce Indian Ocean Series at the end of June and for a first time shooting tennis, it didn’t disappoint. This competition awards points for the women’s international ranking (WTA) and hence was attended by young players looking to improve their professional classification. The level was… well, very impressive. I’m no commentator but it was great fun to be so close to the matches so here’s a small count of my observation and experience.

The first semi-final opposed Vanja Klaric from Serbia and Kyra Shroff from India. I didn’t register the India part at first and the serb looked russian, so I assumed she was russian and that the indian was the Serb, because let’s be honest, she didn’t look like the stereotypical indian (!!). When I changed position mid-game, I saw the indian flag above the name, got slightly confused then corrected the mental picture I had built around the two players. Nevermind then! Shroff was looking and playing very strong and took the win over Klaric.

Vanja Klaric

The second semi-final opposed Snehadevi Reddy from India and Estelle Cascino from France. Reddy had won this tournament previously but Cascino was there with only victory in her sight. Rain interrupted the game which was then continued the next day and Cascino did advance to the final.

Snehadevi Reddy

Shroff and Cascino played an intense match in the final. Shroff won the first set with relative ease, calm and focused, but progressively lit a fire in her opponent who loudly expressed her frustration on a few occasions. She (Cascino) became more agressive in the second set; hitting hard, scoring more and Shroff started to show signs of fatigue by taking a couple of points for granted while Cascino kept running and getting the ball back across the net. Cascino finally took the win but both players showed great appreciation for each other’s play and the day ended with big smiles on everyone’s faces.

Kyra Shroff

Estelle Cascino

For once I was not cycling, driving and running around to get the shots. Only my eyes through my biggest lens did the chasing, I couldn’t stop clicking, really enjoyed this assignment and even got to meet Mary Pierce in person! The only problem now was choosing among way too many photos, but I’ve known worse problems. Thank you again to LUX* Sports for this opportunity and I look forward to the next tournament.

The finalists, their fans and Mary Pierce

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