Shooting for Nature’s Juice

Last November La Trobe Ltd, importer, manufacturer and distributor of various F&B items approached me for a photoshoot of their product Nature’s Juice. I’m definitely a fan of these drinks after training and since this would be my first shoot for a commercial, I met with them right away. The marketing team already had great ideas but allowed me to play with them creatively and offer different concepts. La Trobe also required a video spot, which we agreed should tell the story of a young woman having an active summer day with an essential ingredient: the juice! Desiring to identify the brand with a vibrant image, we decided to associate Nature’s Juice with kiteboarding, a dynamic and refreshing sport.

The scenario was as follows: our chosen model Caroline would arrive at a beautiful beach on a sunny and windy day, shred the lagoon on her kiteboard like there was no tomorrow while happily drinking the juice as she goes. Late afternoon a friend would pick her up to watch the sunset on a sailboat and to end the day at a local beach bar.


I was thrilled with the role of creative director since, as I told the marketing team early on, I’m mostly used to capturing action and life as it happens. Being able to control the conditions of a shoot opens a wholly different dimension and this felt really good. As soon as we got the green light I met up with Caroline for some test shots at the beach of Pointe d’Esny and started to get a feel for it, seeing what worked or not to get the images I had in mind. We came back on another two occasions to get the best photos and video shots possible while the wind was strong enough. This would translate into more vivid power and “punch” in the images. For some of the video shooting and for editing I called on Kevin Nairn from Archivision. He was efficient, easy to work with, La Trobe’s team was also present and Caroline just kept going, making for a pleasant joint effort overall.


For the next scenes my friends Dominique and Jean-Pierre allowed us on their sailboat anchored in Grand Baie and the Beach House bar / restaurant let us shoot there as well. Big shout out to them for their help. These were the closing images of the video and great sets for photos. I got Caroline to invite her boyfriend so she could feel more relaxed and loose which worked well (photos not shown here by request).



In the end we shot kiteboarding twice, the boat scene once and the bar twice, produced an assortment of photographs (one of which was used on billboards all over Mauritius for a week), a 52-second video spot and a great experience. Huge thanks to Kevin, Caroline and La Trobe’s marketing team for an agreeable and engaging collaboration!

All photographs copyright Xavier Koenig / Blastoff Creative, licensed exclusively to La Trobe Ltd, Mauritius.


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