Climbing into 2018

Yes it’s mid-January already, Yes time flies, but time well spent means memories for life and fitness, well, for as long as you keep it up. Anyhow I’ve been away from home for over a month now with memorable moments in France around the festive season, immediately following up with a good training regimen including a few runs, hikes and climbing sessions since the new year.

Spending the best part of last week in Utrecht with my friends Tamar and Freek (pronounce Freyk) who are keen climbers, I even got to do a little photoshoot at Klimmuur Utrecht, thanks to owner Roberto, who Freek introduced me to at his bouldering gym. It was late on Friday night to avoid crowds and great to be hanging on a wall with the camera again.



The one thing about indoor climbing though is that colours are, literally, all over the place!! Holds are bright pink, purple, green, yellow, the wall is light grey, the ground is black and ropes/clothing multi-coloured as well. I decided to eliminate all that with Black & White, to focus on the action and emotion instead.






Tamar is generally not too keen on being photographed and is not shown here, but I had fun shooting Freek (below) on a couple of routes and really cool to high-five at the top of the wall when he completed one he’d been working on! Cheers mate and I hope we’ll climb together again soon!



All images copyright Xavier Koenig / Blastoff Creative

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