Mauritius Freeride Challenge

Hey all what’s up? The other week, early morning on a Sunday I drove all the way from the North of the island down to Baie du Cap (nearly the longest direct distance you can do around here) to join the local rock climbing group. On the way I was struck by all the people I saw training everywhere: road cyclists on the Terre Rouge / Verdun uphill, joggers in Moka and Curepipe, trail runners and mountain bikers around the national park from Petrin to Plaine Champagne, and more cyclists towards Chamarel. Pre-seasons are in full swing, although some early races have been held in a few disciplines already. Since returning from Europe there wasn’t much wind to speak of (I missed a cyclone event – luckily no major damage – while away), so the windsurfing and kitesurfing scene is fairly quiet. Some have gone training in windy South Africa though, and from the social media activity I’ve seen, our friends there are already looking to July for the Mauritius Freeride Challenge! I would say it’s totally understandable, because last year it looked something like this:


Last year’s event included a tight racing programme with an IFCA competition during the week and the Defi-Wind long distance races in the weekend. For 2018 it looks like we’ll go back to the roots for a more loose and pleasure-oriented week without IFCA racing but for sure loads of fun on and off the water. The Defi will still be on with some long-distances on the vast lagoon of the South East, so you still want to be fit for these ones!! Hope to see you there!


All photos Copyright 2017 Xavier Koenig / Blastoff Creative

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