Sunrise foil

Squeeezing in this post just before the weekend! If you haven’t noticed on social media, the Mauritius Attitude Challenge was ON last week with awesome windsurfing action and I was flat out busy shooting both stills and video, but also managed to fit a more creative session – at sunrise! – with local kitefoil champ Jean de Falbaire. I could have used the sleep-in, but hey, this is what we do! Check it out:




I love shooting things as they happen, be they very still (like the 2 first images) or in the heat of action like this one above. I’m also enjoying the “staging” more and more, like with this image below (I placed a flash on the left, not seen in the picture), which is a cool “profile” type of shot.


Now for the action, I’m quite stoked with the result considering this large cloud mass barring the horizon and also the fact that I was fully dressed (it’s a bit chilly in these windy mornings, okay!?), so I didn’t go in the water to get the lens right over the surface. We’ll do that soon and you’ll see what for 😉 Thanks Jean for going in & I look forward to more cool experiments!!!






At this point he came in but it was still looking cool so he got back out there so I could shoot some more. At this hour a lot of fishermen are out in the lagoon, and couple of them were caught in the pictures. Can you spot the tiny one (in the distance, to the right of lighthouse island?).







For those who are interested, I used a Nikon D500 with a Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 G2 lens. Killer combo…

Happy weekend to all of you! X

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