[Banner image: Vishal Ittoo, 2019 National Champion 32km]

Two days ago, on Saturday the 20th of April, the TRAIL FACE project had a defining step: taking portrait photographs of trail runners as they finished their races in the National Championships. Doing it there and then captured so much of the emotion and sensations they expressed, as you can see in the pictures below. TRAIL FACE will be a book about the trails and trail runners of Mauritius, coming as a way to immortalize the past years of shooting the biggest trail events on the island. You can be sure to see lots of action within the landscapes of the country through the Royal Raid, Ferney Trail, Dodo Trail, Moka Trail, Heritage Trail, and Ultra Trail Raidlight Beachcomber. You can browse this site for a preview. This wasn’t enough though; trail running is about endurance, raw effort, pushing personal limits, emotion, sweat, tears of joy or pain, all of which you can see in the runner’s eyes, faces, and gestures.











A huge aspect is the diversity of people who have come together to form a community around the sport and a true family spirit over the years. Near or far, these people train together, inspire and help each other, and the book will be a reminder of this, which you can have on your coffee table to share with your friends.

Thanks for your support!


PS. You can see the 159 photo album on the facebook page and stay tuned for further news, including some group photos from this Saturday.


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