Hi and welcome to the Blastoff Creative website, a Mauritius-based company specializing in sports and adventure photography for both events and commercial assignments. We are a team of two composed founder Xavier Koenig and Daphney Dupré, who also works independently. Daphney has an amazing ability to be close to athletes for capturing their focus and emotion, while Xavier is the field man always looking to get in the top locations for combining action and landscapes.

Over the years we’ve acquired a range of skill and equipment capabilities for nearly all terrains: water shots (for kiteboarding, windsurfing, watersports), ground (trail running, mountain biking, tennis, squash, etc) rope access (abseiling, canyoning, rock climbing, mountaineering) and snow (skiing, speed riding).

On commercial assignments and for large events, we’ll bring together a team of professional photographers and videographers to suit your needs and will work closely with you to deliver a great visual representation of your product or event.

We are available locally and for missions overseas, for sports events, lifestyle/product photo shoots and special projects. We’d love to hear from you!

Contact: +230 5715 2199 / / Facebook / Instagram


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